In 2015, i3 Pharmaceuticals acquired a 150,000 sqft facility in Warminster, PA.

After substantial capital investment, the facility was commissioned in 2017. As a result of our first ANDA file in 2018, i3 Pharmaceuticals passed its first Prior Approval and GMP inspection.

More than half of the site is dedicated to state-of-the-art pharmaceutical development and manufacturing processes including research and analytical laboratories, pilot and commercial manufacturing plants and warehousing.

 i3 Front


  • Product development, manufacturing, packaging and testing
  • Pilot Plant sized to promote efficient and reliable scale-up
  • Variety of capacities in blending, granulating and tablet coating
  • Solvent and aqueous formulations
  • High-potency suite

Our Expertise:

  • Solid Oral Dosage Forms
  • Sustained Release (ER/SR/DR) Formulations
  • Poorly Soluble Drugs
  • Unstable Molecules
  • Potent Compounds
  • Bioavailability Enhancement
  • Technically Challenging Products